History of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was established on December 8, 1956. It is now the largest standard boxing stadiums operated in Thailand. The Stadium has been managed by Royal Thai Army. It used to locate on Rama IV Road until re-located to its present location of Ram Intra Road Bangkok since February 2014. With international standard and large capacity, the Stadium is now ready to accommodate both Thai and foreign Muaythai attendances in every season.

Lumpinee Boxing stadium has been continuously the most important part to the relevant professional Muay thai including Muay thai boxers, promoters, real Muaythai local fans and any other interested persons for more than 60 years. The stadium has been crowded on every match day with the cacophony of local passionate fans who really love real traditional Muaythai. Such loudest and best atmosphere is very unique, not all stadiums are the same. In other words, it is not just a normal stadium but the top destination for professional Mualthai. None of legendary and greatest Muaythai boxers would past their prime of Muaythai career if they have never been the champion of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. However, its reputation is not only aforesaid roles but also promoting the art of Muaythai both domestically and internationally.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in 1970