History of Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

rajadamnern muaythai stadium in 1945
rajadamnern boxing stadium is building in 1951
front of rajadammern boxing stadium
muaythai ticket booth at rajadamnern boxing stadium bangkok
♥ Rajadamnern Muay Thai Stadium is a national boxing stadium to be built on established in 1941, the prime minister of Thailand, Field gave orders to build a national boxing stadium on Rajadamnern Avenue. Impresse Italiane All’ Estero-Oriente won the construction rights, and the 258,900 baht(about 7,400 usd) project foundation stone was laid on 1 March 1941.
Due to the lack of construction supplies during World War II, the project was halted until August 1945. When construction resumed, it took only four months to complete it. The first boxing match was held on 23 December 1945. Tickets were priced at between 70 and 300 baht. 
The original stadium was open-air, resembling a Roman amphitheatre in design. Six years later, in 1951 a concrete roof was added, making it weather-proof. After seven years of government ownership, the stadium was losing money, and on 24 May 1953, Chalerm Cheosakul, the stadium manager at the time, asked permission from the Crown Property Bureau to run the stadium and founded the “Rajadamnern Co, Ltd.” Rajadamnern Co., Ltd. operates it to this day, and it has become one of the chief muay Thai boxing stadiums in Thailand.
In 2022, Global Sport Ventures Company Limited or GSV, an affiliated company of Plan B Media Public Company Limited, announced its investment in Rajadamnern Stadium Company Limited. The investment aims to revolutionize and introduce “The New Era of MuayThai” to new generation of sports fan around the world by building Rajadamnern Stadium to be a Global Hub of MuayThai and modernizing media & content strategy. GSV collaborates with leading MuayThai promoters in hosting fights at the stadium.
In late 2022 GSV launched Rajadamnern World Series or RWS, its flagship MuayThai program with a modernized set of fighting rules and world class production quality. 
Now Rajadamnern Muay Thai Stadiumis  landmark has played a key role in preserving Thai martial arts traditions through the sport of Muay Thai and has elevated it to being a professional sport up to international standards many tourist come to enjoy muay thai boxing , show time schedule is about 6.00 Pm every day ; muay thai ticket price start from 1500 THB  ,Your can make booking rajadamnern muaythai ticket via muaythai-ticket.com